Silver $19.53…

Dear Investor…


Silver $25 to $30 next 9 to 12 month’s


Many of the most respected analysts are calling for silver to remain extremely strong, gold is within striking distance of all-time high  $1900.


 Silver is roughly 65% away from an all-time high of $50.00  technically providing a solid runway to play catch up, as gold  gets more expensive, significant
amounts of money will flow into the silver market.


This has already started to happen…!!!

Manipulation of currency by Central Banks pushing most currencies lower which is never a good sign.


The turbo printing press: Governments will maintain pressure on global currency markets that are in a coma. 


IMG congratulates all who followed our recommendation to buy silver.!

  Readers who remain on the sidelines, you have now seen $12, 14, 16, 18 and $19.53 price today in silver. The question for you is, at what point do  you decide to take action??  You do the math, the numbers will tell the story.!


IMG expects a slight price break to unfold soon, this will be your  opportunity to initiate new positions.!   


Do not delay any further…!!!

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