Siver up 20% this Week.!

  Dear Investor…


What a week, silver up 20% is now the best performing asset this year, according to FactSet data compiled by the Wall Street Journal.


March low of $11.70 to a high in July of $23.24.


IMG in our market update a couple of weeks ago titled,
(You waited a lifetime for this market) well, here it is.!


When faced with the economic side of the equation plus mine closures, removing 40 to 50% of product from getting to market in an already tight supply environment, results are explosive.


 Top producers Mexico and Peru are off the grid, the real impact of supply shortages from these operations will be felt 6 months from today.

  IMG is enjoying the short term price movement, but our focus remains long term.
The world’s hunger for all new toys, cell phones, computers, smart gadgets
not to mention our effort to save the planet by developing  green solutions.
Electric automobiles require a fair amount of silver in batteries, solar panels many new technologies all require more and more silver…!!!


Sometimes less is more, in simple terms ENJOY…!!!

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