Last time gold was at $1900…Silver traded Above $40…!!!

Dear Investor…


Today Highest Gold price in History $1944.30…Congratulations…!!!


Gold ends the week trading above $1900 a price not seen since 2011.


That price surge obviously was caused by the 2008 financial crisis, at  the time silver was trading in excess of $40 per ounce.! We all know  gold leads the way as major bull markets develop.

  When evaluating  a product’s profit potential silver must be at the top of your list.!  It´s important to refresh our minds the 2008 crisis was a baby if compared with trillions of dollars required in the current crisis.


Silver is entering a catch-up phase, basic psychology, most are getting enthused and initiating their positions after such exciting price movement. The next  phase will bring more media attention, articles written by people who never looked at silver before will create interest from the general public.

Sometimes we think, I have time, the price has not moved higher lately, then without warning three months later silver is at $24.


If you believe in silver, if  you see the potential, IMG welcomes your participation.!


           TD Securities Bank estimates potentially higher than $30.00 silver.!

Citi Bank’s new silver estimate $30.00.

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