We are in contact…What about you.!

Dear Investor…


IMG  sends information three to four times a week, but we also encourage you to follow up and confirm sources to assist in your decisions.


You need  not only read, research then proceed to
build your  
  position on a timely basis.

IMG  never engages in trying to pick tops and bottoms in a market,
candidly that is a fool’s game.


Ranges, as a cycle develops, is the only  prudent approach.

IMG  differs from most other physical precious metals dealers; most trade trying to outsmart the market in short term windows. IMG places all effort on long term client holdings, if silver runs tomorrow to $20.00 an ounce…
then it simply adds valuable equity to your account statement.

History is your guide, allow us to find out if we
have something in common.


Contact us and share with our team your thoughts, your investment ideas, what exactly you may need to establish your account.!

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