Economic Hurdles + Supply and Demand.!


Dear Investors
We remain in the first quarter of this bull market,the game has only just begun.!


All the economic obstacles that IMG has shared as price motivators in recent updates, government deficits, government stimulus programs, credit bubble, and negative bond yields are a total nightmare.  


   Will take years to recover…!!!

A global economy flooded with dollars will crush many currencies around the world.

Combined with the above mentioned you enter into a new precious metals bull market.


Estimates of global government stimulus programs are at $15 trillion and counting.
Central banks are buying more bonds, they say, no limit on purchases.! 

Well, who wants to invest in bonds ,15, 20, 30 years with basically no return on investment.

The silver market has experienced a tight supply recently, with high premiums on
some coins and small bars. However, a much greater concern is perhaps three years out, estimates of severe shortages in supply, and significant new demand.

The combination of all economic concerns over the next couple years, then real shortages of supply, not short term, but legitimate textbook short supply with demand from new technologies growing at a record pace.  


This is the Perfect Storm…!!!


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