Do not allow this story to repeat itself !

Dear Investors…


IMG is going to tell you a story if seems familiar it´s perhaps just a coincidence.!

An investor looked at the gold market back in 1970, the gold price was $35.00. The investor thought I want to buy some gold but I have too many things going on at the moment. I will look at it later.!!


Life always keeps us busy, well, it´s now the year 2000 and the price of gold is at $225.00. He thinks to himself, I want to find time to get into the gold market.


Years pass and out of curiosity 2008 takes a look at the gold price, that day it was trading at $700.00 he gets excited for a moment, then fear the economy is not doing well, plus I have so much planning to do for my son’s wedding. Who has time any more??


2015, after a day out on the golf course, sitting at the computer he receives an email from IMG opens it, Wow, gold is at $1050.00, he feels slight anxiety knowing how much lower the price was back some time ago. I need to call IMG.! I really need to call them. After I fix my car, it will be on the to-do list.!   I´m just so busy.!


The investor feels left behind in comparison to some of his friends who are very active with their investments. Opens up an IMG update, 2019 gold at $1400.00, after my granddaughter graduates, I am getting into gold.!  I´m getting in.!


Safe to say, we all know this investor’s response today. Yes, gold is at $2000.00 but with so much uncertainty who knows what´s going to happen?

Never allow yourself to become this individual…!!!


Allow us to assist, make the time, life always has obstacles, uncertainty is the biggest price motivator in precious metals.


If you noticed, History shows precious metals are a  significant store of value.!

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