Global Billionares.!

Who is coming to the party?

IMG attempts to keep you ahead of the curve. We informed you regarding pension funds, hedge funds, stock traders; crowds from all sectors of the investment world, they have  started actively buying into the metals, everyone is paying attention.!


The most prestigious investment banks have advised their private clients to invest in precious metals, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs both cater to a clientele who need to protect and preserve their wealth.!


The billionaires club, some very high profile investors are investing large amounts, Jim Rogers legendary investor buying aggressively, Warren Buffett the third richest man on earth and Ray Dalio just to name a few have invested billions recently. More and more money will flow into the metals, the economic threats demand your participation.

Why are they coming you ask??


Silver supply has been cut by 50% due to virus mine shutdowns.

Silver production deficits actually have been going on for years, demand continues to grow and large discoveries are a thing of the past.


Besides the economic factors which offer significant motivation, governments print money every day but investors realize metals cannot be PRINTED… In closing, basic economics in a world consumed with debt, precious metals have no debt, no boundaries the only legitimate global currency the world has ever known…!!!


One answer… Precious Metals


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