Elections and the Economy.!

  • Dear Investors…
  • Much speculation about what will happen to the markets after the elections.
  • If Trump wins ( X ) will happen, and if Biden wins ( Y ) is going to impact the markets.
  • Some of those thoughts that dominate political commentaries are great conversations, and perhaps some short term effects will occur as expected.
  • The long-term reality in regards to economic influences are already in place, policy changes nor political promises will be able to save the hardship that is coming.!
  • Look around you, this is the time before things progress to the next level, protect assets, preserve your wealth on a timely basis.!
  • New models projecting strong possible escalation in virus numbers next couple of months, global cases are showing some alarming figures. Any further disruptions to economic activity could be devastating.    It´s time for you to decide.!
  • Protection and profit potential is available, but you must be proactive…!!!

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