A Valid Question?


Dear Investors


Some of you have asked a valid question if gold made a new all-time high this year, then why silver did not trade above $50.00 dollars an ounce.!


Well, gold enjoys a safe-haven status that silver at times lacks, however, silver also has that component and when activated the results are explosive.


Even with an all-time high in gold, silver has outperformed gold, it´s all in the math you can buy much more silver relative to one ounce of gold.!


The other detail that IMG wishes to explain is very important, in an inflationary environment silver gains that precious safe-haven status and we all witness those parabolic price movements…!!!


This year investment demand for silver is the highest in 25 years. the continuation of this pattern plus limited supply will offer silver investors maximum potential next couple of years. IMG has addressed supply and demand extensively with all our clients. It´s a long term TEXTBOOK scenario which all silver investors have waited for a lifetime.


IMG is here to compliment your investment needs, protect your assets from the economic uncertainty and assist in you´re long term financial health…!!!

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