Recommendation: Strong Buy Platinum.!


Dear Investors.


Recommendation: Strong Buy Platinum at $855.00


The automotive industry is making  necessary adjustments, reducing cost, factories are starting to re-tool from using palladium which is trading at $2220.00 to actually start implementing platinum its sister metal trading at  $855.00, you don´t have to be a mathematician to see the motivation in  switching between the two metals.


Platinum is currently at a substantial historic discount to palladium and gold offering excellent potential and exceptional value.!


Next couple of years platinum will also gain increase demand from new technologies, with supply disruptions caused by the pandemic near term, this is an ideal entry point.


Shutdowns of South Africa´s biggest platinum facilities decreased 500,000 ounces of platinum supply in 2020.       


Investors seeking safe-haven assets and value are quietly buying platinum; estimated forecast $1400 to $1600.00 potential price in 12 months. 


Value + Potential = Protection.

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