Covid-19 Vaccine News.!


Dear Investor


Pfizer announcement of Covid-19 vaccine is 90% effective is great news and certainly welcomed by all.


The vaccine is a good mental boost in general, but it’s still going to take a long time as pandemic is worsening around the  world. The quantities required and distribution will take by best estimates year for most of us to receive a vaccine. 


The virus could disappear tomorrow but the economic damage is in place, severe damage won’t be fixed any time soon, and most likely will get worse before any real improvements.


Markets are in hyperdrive mode, IMG has advised of significant volatility and using short term headlines as major long term accumulation windows of opportunity. Vaccine news is wonderful, very positive but sadly nothing will change for a long time.!


A stimulus package of some sort will come and printing of money will remain the norm going into the new year and then some.!  Between election uncertainty and a splash of hope, markets will swing heavily headline by headline.


 Use the news and build your holdings…!!!


Remember our news report a couple of weeks ago, red is your friend, well, say hello to your friend. You were informed, let´s go to work.!

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