Digest, Think and Act.!


Dear Investor


Excitement, euphoria, and great news those type of emotions move mountains, but they do not solve economic concerns overnight.

The market will digest information released about the vaccine and realice hard work with sizable obstacles still ahead. Covid-19 numbers are over 100,000 new cases a day in the U.S., Europe is also facing new lockdowns adding to economic stress on both sides of the pond.


No matter how talented you may be with smoke and mirrors, try to make trillions of dollars disappear by smart talk just won’t happen…!!!


IMG has informed, more stimulus is coming, much more printing of money must and will come to market, this will translate to massive currency devaluation down the line. Then, the fire on the backburner a strong inflationary cycle will fuel gold prices much higher.


Currency devaluation this is not just another couple of words, understand the significance, you will continue to lose purchasing power, you will buy fewer products and services with the same amount of money.


Gold is the only place investors will run too under such market conditions, this has been proven historically. It’s important to note if you intend to wait and see the above mentioned unfold to take action, you will pay much higher prices to enter the market.    Act on a timely basis…!!!

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