U.S. 1 Million new Covid-19 cases last 30 days.!


Dear Investor


Main Street, how many have truly benefited from the now-famous V-shape recovery, have you? Following the same thought process, same goes for precious metals only the so-called gold bugs were running to the bank over the last couple of months. Main Street always suffers from a lack of conviction and without action the answer is clear, no profits…!!!


When the economy requires so much servicing, trillions of dollars just to keep afloat over the next couple of months, this is your guide, your road map, your compass it all points straight to precious metals. To ride the wave, you must first get in the water.!


   1 Million new Covid-19 cases last 30 days…!!!


IMG has attempted to simplify and clarify the smoke in the room, Governments are against the wall, act or collapse, period…!!! Stop allowing today’s headlines to cloud your investment decisions, gold cannot be printed, protect and reward yourself by acting now.!


IMG is very excited regarding market potential, not as a presentation, but because we are tracking a storm of epic proportions…!!!

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