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A 90-year-old grandmother is the first person to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The distribution of vaccines are expected to start the economic engines around the world, unleashing a wave of strong demand.


IMG has warned that the recovery will have bumps along the way. The impact will differ from country to country, and may not feel as strong in some cases. However, by the middle of next year a significant recovery should be in place.


The U.S. is adding new cases at the fastest rate after the thanksgiving holiday, with the holiday season chances are that the rise in cases will remain at record pace.! The colder weather will likely add to spread of the virus.


Debt has skyrocketed with the pandemic, not only personal debt but governments who will still have to print more money regardless of the vaccine development.


As the recovery starts to build and consumption grows the silver market will benefit greatly from the renewed demand. Seasonal tendencies plus the stimulus package being work on to assist Mainstreet now has the added fuel from economic optimism.

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