Your Money never Sleeps.!


Dear Investor


The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year and should be enjoyed.


However, you should understand that the market is open for business and professional investors are always on the hunt. Your money never sleeps, July or December it does not matter, find the opportunities, and pull the trigger.!


Today, a big push to put together the much-needed stimulus package is going on with urgency, benefits are expiring this Friday, and regular working people need help desperately.!


Gold and silver prices are up sharply higher today. The market is focusing on more liquidity hitting the marketplace, and the genuine fear of inflation sometime next year.

The Federal Reserves Open Market meeting is ongoing and ends Wednesday afternoon with a statement from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.


The market has provided a generous window of opportunity to acquire product, the last 45 days acted as expected given the events that were unfolding. Investor activity is in high gear going into the New Year, seasonal tendencies will continue to motivate strong buying and accumulation of product before next leg higher.


Money never Sleeps … !!!

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