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IMG is thrilled for the exciting times ahead, everything we use today, all our toys consume silver…!!!  Most of you are aware that our cell phones, smart tv´s all require silver. However, silver is also known as the green metal for all it´s applications for solar panels and other green technologies.


The Silver Institute said the electric vehicle sector will need much more product, increasing vehicle complexity will drive silver demand higher. Automakers need more silver to enable the vast technological advances incorporated into modern vehicles.


This has resulted in another powerful demand center for silver, with projections of nearly 90 million ounces annually. At its peak in a couple of years it will be almost 100 million ounces needed.


The institute said that the average vehicle silver loadings are currently estimated at 15-28 grams for internal combustion engines in a light vehicle. Hybrids need 18-34 grams, while battery-electric vehicles consume 25-50 grams of silver per vehicle.


Many new technologies all require silver, add the economic concerns to the escalating demand and you have an exciting future….!!!

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