The Fed 3% inflation no Problem…Are you Serious?


Dear Investor…


The fed is suggesting that 3% inflation won’t be a problem, which is interesting, a subtle way of saying that inflation might rise faster than expected. Are you serious?


The dollar is very strong today against most major currencies. If you then add the exchange margin requirement increase of $2500 for silver futures contracts it all works well to stop the WallStreetBets movement on its tracks.


The U.S. dollar index hit a two-month high which started chart selling pressure to a two month low on gold.


The market will now return to the fundamentals, silver has legitimate forces that will keep silver prices heading higher for years. All major silver producers are down, supplies coming from mines for years have declined Mexico, Peru, Chile and Bolivia with no major discoveries. Yet, more and more demand from new technologies, the Silver Institute projects a 50% increase in automotive silver demand to more than 90 million ounces in 5 years. Solar and other green technologies will absorb in excess of another 100 million ounces.


This is solid news, not some short term hype or a wrestling match with the government, just sound fundamentals…!!!


IMG repeatedly informs our readers not to allow today’s headlines to dominate your decisions. Accumulate your holdings when the market offers a discount the real fireworks are forthcoming.


Only you decide. Market opportunities are everywhere….!!!            


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