Fed Overview…!!


Review: Fed activity last year.


In the past year, the Fed has created the largest multi-trillion-dollar programs ever seen.


Where is the money coming from? Funds that are printed out of thin air backed by nothing, but it is debt.


Gold has dropped from last year’s high of $2067.00 to $1720.00 that is about 19% a healthy an essential textbook correction…!!!


It´s important to note that gold is 44% higher still than it was in late 2018…!


The bond yield curve is impacting many other markets, the Fed will move to cap them if deemed necessary. That action by the fed would lower the dollar and launch gold higher.


History shows patterns of high inflation within very short periods of time, the difference this time is the monstrous global debt, keyword monstrous…!!!

Credit: Peter Krauth


Much success to all.!

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