Yellen spooks the Markets.!


Dear Investors…


This is a time of real concern, the power players are boxed in a corner.


The government is playing a balancing act regarding comments on inflation.


Chairman Powell last week states that we have time before interest rates go up, Yellen, today hints those rates may actually rise sooner than expected…

Which is it?


The truth is in the recent action to stop releasing money supply data, which tells the real story on inflation confirming the game they are playing…!!!


The other area of concern is simply the debt which is at levels never seen before.


Global debt will continue to devalue currencies around the world at an alarming rate.

These are the legitimate reasons for the tap dancing and flip-flopping every time the top dogs open their mouths.


Gold is a hedge against inflation, it has been used as protection against currency devaluation for thousands of years.


Your purchasing power has and will continue to decline in the future.

No matter what method of smoke and mirrors are used to delay or hide data the impact in your pocket tells the story.


IMG feels that the market offers plenty of value at current prices.


Acquire product and protect your family from the events discussed, no matter what they say, the consequences will unfold.


Much success to all.

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