Flooded with Dollars…!!!


Dear Investors.


A Market flooded with Dollars.


With the number of dollars printed in the last 15 months expectations are that the dollar may fall in value.


As funds enter the system this becomes a real possibility.


This is one of the reasons why investors are very active in precious metals.


Trillions and trillions of dollars are being injected into the economy this process actually takes some time to complete, but the impact will be enormous…!!!


Investors have pilled into gold in the last couple of months creating a significant price increase in excess of $200.00.


The silver market always tends to follow gold, not to be undone silver has appreciated more than $ 4.00 setting the stage for a potential next leg higher.


The dollar, inflation far above expectations, and fund activity could make this summer very exciting…!!!


Much success to all.


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