Market Overview.

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Dear Investors.


The Russian Wealth Fund will ditch all U.S. dollar assets for gold, euros, and the yuan this month.


The fund will hold 40% of its assets in euros, 30% in yuan, and 20% in gold.


The balance of its assets will be in several investments adjusted basis market conditions…!!!


Global inflation is at the highest level since the 2008 crisis.


Many investors are making comparisons with one major difference global debt has basically doubled since then.


It´s also important to point out that the following years precious metals experienced a price appreciation to record levels…!!!


Today we have profit-taking across the board in the metals market, just like almost

90 days ago…take advantage of price breaks to accumulate product.


This summer is shaping up for a  very active market environment…


Get in the Game…!!!


Much success to all.

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