Reality Check…!!!


Reality Check…!!!


Dear Investors.


IMG is a huge advocate of using the news in your favor to acquire product.


The fact remains true that many who write about markets are short sighted and have little to no vision beyond the activity offered today… This sadly will never make you any money…!!!


Lessons are readily available to those who follow the herd chasing the golden goose of the day.


Look at the billions of dollars lost in Bitcoin in just a couple of weeks; cryptos are fine, but please, don´t compare them to gold as an investment or a store of value…!!!


Bringing in focus the other topic which has been a dominant factor lately the Fed, perhaps one of the best displays of dancing with wolves in recent memory.


You must understand, this is by far the worst position anyone could possibly be in…make the slightest comment, just a bit more aggressive than expected and the most catastrophic collapse the world has ever seen will occur within minutes…!!!


At the end of the day: If you analyze the big picture, the printing of money like never, ever, before in our history, the global debt at record levels and the overwhelming risk of currency devaluations, then you may reach the conclusion that just for your peace of mind and asset protection certain decisions would be highly suggested…!!!


IMG has no control over the market prices, but a good price, that´s within your control…!!!


You have a window of opportunity…!!!


Much success to all.



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