Here we go Again…!!!


Here we go Again…!!!


Dear Investors.


The Fed raised its inflation target to 3.5% for this year 2021.


This is a full point above the original target, Powell, however, still said that the inflation rate would be transitory…and went back to his comments of raising rates twice before 2023.


He is constantly now adjusting his statements depending on how much pressure

he´s feeling that day…!!!


As expected the man in the corner spooked all markets, then later buying started to enter the market as investors recognize the same song was playing again…!!!


With the stock market at valuations that don’t make sense no matter how you evaluate pricing, nerves within this group are rather touchy.


Any slight comment from Mr. Powell and here we go again.


Hedge funds are building their gold holdings using the window to acquire product… why not …it makes sense if you understand the

long-term potential…!!!


Much success to all.



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