Strong Winds Ahead.

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Strong Winds Ahead.


Dear Investors.


The  European Banks are looking at a strategy to continue issuing stimulus for years going forward. In fairness most recognize when you pull the plug on stimulus the threat to global economies is very real.


We are in the biggest market bubble regarding the stock markets ever seen, governments are walking softly the wrong move will impact markets severely.


Graph: 45 Years of Trends in Metals Prices …


With all the above-mentioned bond yields will be under pressure creating attractive entry points before the seasonal tendencies start to kick in….!!!


As you can see in the chart that window is starting right now…

Be proactive.


Above $1800.00 in gold and we might start to get some of that interest from investors coming out of other markets jumping into the metals…!!!


Peter Grandich said gold price to hit $4000.00 an ounce. he states inflation, the debt, and the stimulus game will push pricing to record highs…!!!


Much success to all.


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