The Real Deal…The Truth…!!!


The Real Deal…The Truth…!!!


Dear Investors.


The Truth and Nothing but the Truth.


U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell admits: We don’t have another example of reopening a $20 trillion dollar economy.


Powell stated that inflation is a critical problem with no historical road map to compare.


This economy is an experiment…!!!


Metals investors should be excited…! 


20 year

Speculators are always crunching numbers, looking at windows of 10,20, 30 minutes trying to grab a small profit and run for the hills.


On the other hand, investors are more patient buying as they recognize major trends developing some times taking a bit longer than they would like…but the reward is undeniable.


Precious metals medium to long term picture is as strong if not stronger than any other time in history.


The price of saving the global economies will be paid,

not tomorrow, but it will be paid…!!!


Much success to all.


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