Their Nerves Create Our Opportunities.!


Their Nerves Create Our Opportunities.!


Dear Investors.


Brazil’s central bank bought 11.9 tonnes of gold in May.


In June the bank went full throttle buying 41.9 tonnes of gold, this activity is the largest since December 2000!!!


This year significant interest in gold by central banks.


Inflation on the rise will keep central banks aggressively buying for some time if not years…!!!


Central bank activity has picked up around the world, many large purchases have been recorded by banks in Europe.


The dollar has rallied to 3.5 month high, this price action has placed some downside pressure on the metals. With Wall-Street nerves creating some jitters as the virus raises concerns about the economy.


On occasion a secondary market for metals investors such as the stock market will actually present the price breaks we are looking for in order to acquire product…

their nerves create our opportunities…!!!

The Commitments of Traders report informed that money managers increased their speculative gold positions.


The overall market sentiment has maintained a long term positive posture for the metals. Next major upside target for gold is $1850.00 as inflation numbers continue to rise…!!!


With so much information from so many sources today most still feel the best inflation hedge is gold and silver.


The real important question is what do you think??  What will you do…!!!


Much success to all.  


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