Keep it Coming.!


Keep it Coming.!


Dear Investors.


European central banks will be printing another $1 trillion dollars.

The banks also stated that interest rates will remain low for some time to come.

Continuing to assist with more stimulus was expected, welcomed news to all. Any abrupt change in policy would be catastrophic for the economy. Bond purchases remain at a rate of 80 billion euro’s per month. The gold market showed some buying after the information was released.



Analysts at Metals Focus looking for higher silver prices, they see the recent selling in the market by more strategic short term players rather than any fundamental change in investor interest.

Across many economies, labor markets are a long way from their pre-pandemic state. Against this backdrop, the continuation of stimulus and fiscal policies in the U.S. and elsewhere seem inevitable, the analysts said.
Credit: Neils Christensen

At the end of the day, the fundamental picture should remain very strong for silver demand.


Much success to all.  


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