Gold Looking Good.!


Gold Looking Good.!


Dear Investors.


August could be a really terrific month for gold, says Jim Cramer.


At the same time, this window could be rather tough for stocks according to Larry Williams.


The seasonal tendencies make all the difference, the Mad Money host explained. This is a time to be active in the gold market and be worried about the stock market. Cramer, the technical setup is working in favor of gold, especially when you look at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission data that shows commercial hedgers stepping up their gold buying. Cramer added that this increased activity usually leads to a nice rally in the gold market. On top of that, gold is currently undervalued in comparison to Treasury bonds.


Not only does the precious metal have a powerful seasonal trend on its side…but its extremely undervalued versus the bonds, Cramer said, citing Williams analysis…!!!


Most of you know Jim Cramer, he is all about stocks, so when we get this recommendation from a stock guy like Jim…you know the patterns in place are very strong…!!!

Credit: Ana Golubova


Much success to all.  


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