Its all in the Mix.


Its all in the Mix.


Dear Investors.


Global markets have been mixed the Fed continues to be the focal point.


Precious metals, stocks, and the bond market all await more signals which should be forthcoming from the Wyoming symposium.


The other factor adding to concerns surrounding the market is the delta strain, will it impact the economy in any significant way and for how long.

Many analysts feel that even with recent events gold has the ability to push forward and the potential is still present for a $1900 to $2000 price by year-end.


Palantir Technologies.

The company purchased $50.7 million dollars worth of gold 100-ounce bars in August.


The software company also said that customers could pay for its software with gold.


This is rare purchase for a tech company, they said the move is a protective purchase against stock market uncertainty.

Credit: Anna Golubova


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