Smoke in the Air.


Smoke in the Air.


Dear Investors.


Many analysts feel we have seen the bottom for this year in gold.


The fed needs to be patient as a surge in new Covid cases suggest caution in any decisions in Wyoming meeting.


Silver has lagged gold as concerns about the economy add questions regarding industrial consumption near term. But the overall sentiment is turning bullish for the two metals. Near term concerns often end up being the best buying opportunities for long-term investors.


Afghanistan’s gold has been in the news lately, however, it seems out of reach for the Taliban. Should not impact the market much unless some new angle develops.


Plenty on the table, Mr. Powell will provide information from the symposium on Friday. In the last couple of months the market has started to digest and perhaps factor in a fair percentage of Fed decisions forthcoming.


Sometimes with so much smoke in the air,the price and only just the price makes the most sense.


Much success to all.  


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