Investors Looking At Gold.


Investors Looking At Gold.


Dear Investors.


There is an air of caution in the wind in the stock market, investors starting to protect profits as we enter a delicate time of the year for stocks.


The Delta variant poses a bumpy road in the next couple of months.

With the possibility of Fed tapering the bond purchases many feel it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Gold seems to be the answer for investors, fund activity has picked up since the opposite thought process is in place for precious metals.


Momentum is strong as fundamentals and the season tendencies start to be relevant and offer better protection for now.


The Fed has created some benefits regarding price, investors are taking advantage as sentiment improves for gold.


The technicals near term look for a test of $1830.00 per ounce to potentially rise above the first resistance level. A solid close above that price would reflect a healthy market environment moving forward.


Last week IMG was informed of a significant purchase of gold by the tech company Palantir, it now seems that other companies are inline with adding gold to their balance sheets. A purchase of gold by a tech firm for $50 million dollars makes investors take notice.


Much success to all.  


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