The Economy is Headed Where?


The Economy is Headed Where?


Dear Investors.


The economy is headed where a question that most investors ask time and time again…well, when you have a global economy with everything at proportions never seen before the answer is difficult.


Tomorrow, non-farm payroll will be released, the market is anticipating the results:

Fed tapering this year or next year?


September adds concerns to stock investors who are on pins and needles thinking of the past. With plenty of markets in bubble territory, much is at stake in near-term decisions.

Almost 70% of global economies run on the dollar, so, investors mainly on the sidelines today are well justified.


Gold was lackluster in light trading waiting for the report, investors are placing plenty of weight on this month’s data. If some price weakness develops tomorrow some bargain hunting could be seen from investors eager to purchase at a better price.


Long-term investor billionaire John Paulson told Bloomberg in an interview that gold would do well in times of inflation. Paulson went on to say that when funds from other segments of the financial markets get into gold, the price could rise rather quickly.


Much success to all.  


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