Market Update.


Market Update.


Dear Investors.


Stock market, oil, and gold are down in today’s market session with some routine profit-taking plus dollar strength. The U.S. 10 year bond yield was near a short-term-high.


This month the Fed meeting is certainly on investor’s minds but few expect any drastic actions to be announced. Most are the camp that the Fed will act gradually and with caution.


The economy has to deal with the surge from the D-variant for now, which already shows growth slowing down. The last jobs report confirmed a sharp decline much lower than what was expected.


Gold has room to run as the near-term uncertainty may delay tapering this year.


Technically the gold market has recovered from the flash crash, while a bit of congestion is still present the long-term picture is healthy.


In general, the market is getting tired of so much to do with the Fed and is looking to move forward from this storyline.


Much success to all.  


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