Build Your Positions on a Timely Basis.


Build Your Positions on a Timely Basis.


Dear Investors.


Gold and silver are higher this Thursday, investors are active buyers seeking bargain prices. The European Central Bank maintained interest rates with no changes, perhaps the only surprise was the bank reduced its monthly bond purchases a tad.


In general, this makes some analysts think that it’s still possible to actually see some reduction in U.S. bond purchases by the end of this year. There is something positive with all the give and take, markets should continue to discount a decent percentage from the word games, investors are getting over it.


At times the smoke is so dense we tend to concentrate solely on headlines when our motivation is not about today, but our long-term objectives. There is plenty of uncertainty on the table, so gold will be of interest no matterwhat news story is circulating today.


IMG informed readers of the important protection precious metals offer plus short and long-term profit potential.


In a world with record debt levels never seen before. Bubbles in so many markets. Soon money will be forced to look for safe-havens as exaggerated markets pop like a balloon. Sadly, many will delay decisions until the herd is running for the exit doors.


Long-term fundamentals in precious metals point to higher prices, don’t miss the short-term price breaks, build your positions on a timely basis.


IMG is ready to assist.


Much success to all.  


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