Tomorrow is not the Answer.


Tomorrow is not the Answer.


Dear Investors.


With so much unfolding as we head into the last quarter, an opportunity to buy gold and silver at current prices is certainly attractive to investors who understand short-term price breaks but their motivation is strictly long-term.


Real money is not made overnight, it is imperative in a world that seems to be looking only for immediate gratification to exercise patience allowing assets to obtain above-average returns.


Over the years IMG informed in our newsletters about the Palladium market.

Many of you may not know that five years ago palladium traded for $600.00 an ounce.


Over the last twelve months, palladium established an all-time high of $2890.00 per ounce. A recent decline in palladium is close to the long-term support line at $1800.00 which is of great interest. IMG will keep you posted and issue a buy recommendation at the appropriate time.


The theme is to realize that sound investments mature over time. Five years ago gold traded at a low of $1128.00 closing today above $1800.00 an ounce.


Silver low was at $11.94 in March of 2020 closing today at $23.90. So your thought process should not be about tomorrow, but where the price may be in five years.


You need to get past the daily noise and the short term thinkers behind a typewriter…focus and make decisions based on your convictions. Long Term.


Gold. In five years?
Silver. In five years?


              IMG is available to assist with your precious metals needs.


Much success to all.  


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