Price Vs Emotions.


Price Vs Emotions.


Dear Investors.


Silver:Buy Zone


If today you purchased silver at $23.40 or $22.60 this is a buy zone. It offers investors enormous profit potential medium to long-term.


Tuesday we forwarded an email to all of you explaining the importance of actively buying these price breaks. READ THE EMAIL titled Tomorrow is not the answer. Sent September 14.


When looking at a buy zone, it’s exactly what it says, a zone, not a specific price.

Last year in March when the silver price dropped to $11.94 an ounce, I assure you the headlines were beyond negative, analysts were in a tailspin and investors were in a state of panic. Those who maintained a level head, and realized that not the next day, not an exact price but buying an exaggerated price break.In time would offer above-average returns.


By January of this year silver experienced a high of $29.00 an ounce. A question comes to mind, is the recent price break to the $22.00 range and a twelve month low of interest? It might just be.


Like our comment two days ago, you need to get past the daily noise and short-term thinkers hiding behind a typewriter…and start to focus on your convictions…Long-term. Buying when a market sell’s off is hard, it’s not the price, it’s our phycology.


Buy low, sell high is obviously the way to invest, but as simple as it may seem 90% of investors need to accomplish this mental hurdle.


Follow your instincts, if you recognize the price as a buy-zone then make a decision.


Much success to all.  


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