September, Living Up to its Reputation


September, Living Up to its Reputation


Dear Investors


IMG has reported on various occasions regarding the nervous mindset displayed by stock traders plus the ever-present fear generated in September. Well, all the above have certainly been at play with the stock market selling off for most sessions this month.


Money is moving around seeking protection and the best possible potential, if the next level of anxiety is triggered a significant wave of funds will directly head int the precious metals.


Today, we are witnessing strong buying in all the metals across the board. Between the anticipation from the Fed and stock market jitters investors are looking for safe-haven assets.


The long-term technical landscape is turning bullish, seasonal tendencies for the metals over the next couple of months seem to be complementing price action.


Investors are buying the dip, for gold the next level of interest is $1800.00 a major technical and psychological price in order to maintain momentum.


Opportunities come from uncertainty, make decisions, and get in the game


Much success to all.  


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