Short Term Thinking.


Short Term Thinking.


Dear Investors


IMG informs investors to always think and act based on your long-term goals. This is a genuine concern because unfortunately over 90% of investors constantly miss the best buying opportunities.


The reason is too much emphasis on what happened today, blinded by headlines written by a person who seems to think the world starts and ends that day.


It’s very important as an investor to have the ability to look beyond this week, make the effort to focus on the big picture. Realize that if you are building your positions, in order to buy low, obviously, some short-term negative news must be present.


This is the only way to accomplish buying low-priced metals. At one point markets will factor in all the negatives and resume its long-term trend.


When silver was at $12.00 an ounce in March of 2020, do you think the news was positive or negative. Correct Negative


Precious metals are in a range that seems attractive, this does not mean the absolute lows. That game of trying to purchase at the ultimate low is for fools, not a recommended strategy. In most cases, the investor will end up entering the market at a much higher price.


The moral to the story, do your homework then make your decisions on a timely basis.


Understand, that success and making money is not going to happen tomorrow.


Allow your investments to work for you, the best things in life require patience.


Much success to all.  



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