Debt Ceiling, Stocks and Opportunity.


Debt Ceiling, Stocks and Opportunity.


Dear Investors.


The U.S. government needs to raise the current debt ceiling to avoid a default.


Historically, the tug of war is always resolved at the last minute. At the end of  the day government will print money like it consistently has and the debate is over.


Stock market volatility continues to increase as market nerves are anticipating the impact of a Chinese company. Recently an interest payment of $85 million was given a 30-day grace period, however, the total possible exposure is above $300 million dollars.

The technical landscape in September has displayed a stronger bearish bias. As of 3:53 EST, the stock market is down 470 points.


All the above is PROVIDING precious metals investors the opportunity to purchase product at bargain prices. Silver is looking for confirmation of the infrastructure bill, once this bill is passed the runway would have been cleared for takeoff

As we muscle out of the D-Variant cycle, industrial demand for silver will increase significantly, stimulating prices.


Notice, large investors or smart money however you choose to call them, are moving money, seeking protection and profit potential. The absolute worse thing can do at this time is NOTHING.


 Follow your convictions, but do something.


Much success to all.  



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