You Think That Everything Is OK?


You Think That Everything Is OK?


Dear Investors.


Most investors are so focused on daily headlines that they are missing the opportunities to build positions before the next move higher.


Precious metals investors should be active, the fed language in the last couple of months should be viewed as a gift to acquire product.


The current price which has been sideways to lower is exactly what you need.

Realize, when things turn chances are that you will end up chasing the price higher, why, when you have the ability to act now with no anxiety whatsoever.


The Fed has dominated the financial news for months, start looking at the big picture, life, in general, is going to be challenging.


Common sense tells you to prepare for the future comfortably today. Make no mistake a major crisis is coming, perhaps the debt bubble or stock market crash no one knows exactly which or when but rest assured it’s coming.


The story is your pocket, your money has lost real purchasing power
and with a market that is swimming in U.S. dollars due to the never-ending printing press, it could only get worse. As all this money makes its way into the financial system further currency devaluation is the only possible outcome.


IMG insists on building your holdings on a timely basis, do your homework in order to protect not only your financial assets but your peace of mind.


20 years ago, 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, if you research gold´s price history your answer should be simple, learn from history.


Be Active.


Much success to all.  



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