Strong Price Increase In All Metals.


Strong Price Increase In All Metals.


Dear Investors.


The last couple of days have really turned bullish as investors buy aggressively in all the metals.


Inflation continues to increase in most economies around the world.


The song and dance played by the fed regarding inflation being transitory is not so convincing any more.


IMG made two buy recommendations recently, Silver at $21.50, and Platinum between $950.00 – $1050.00.


Investors are realizing not only the price but the long term implications of inflation persisting longer than initially presented by Mr. Powell.


The technical picture has turned bullish, complemented by strong fundamentals. With certain important resistance levels insight, a solid closing above key numbers will trigger additional buying.


For up to date resistance numbers call IMG for assistance.


From a strategic point of view, any corrections should be viewed as an opportunity to purchase products.


With the information now available long-term investors should be pro-active in building their assets, don’t end up chasing the market at a later date.


Much success to all.  



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