Perception is Everything.


Perception is Everything.


Dear Investors.


The companies that have surpassed a trillion dollars in market value can be counted on 5 fingers.


Joining the club is Tesla which confirms anticipation and expectations have nothing to do with actual sales or true market value.


This valuation proves how insane investors are when the perception
of where sales may be in coming years.


Sales of Teslas are absolutely minimal in comparison to all other major vehicle brands.

You may not want to be a member of the 98% Club, investors who chase the golden goose of the day. Most investors buying Tesla today never considered buying the stock $500.00 lower. That’s Life.


Perception has and will always be a price motivator, the trick is to act early, and when the 98% Club arrives then gladly sell to them.


The Herd Effect: we are near this wonderful market occurrence on various fronts, obviously being ahead of the stampede is key.


Ample information has been provided by IMG for you to make decisions on a timely basis, then just enjoy the ride.


Precious metals are gaining attention from outside their core investor group. However, an observation for those of you still just looking, the goose hunters will arrive, and by then the price will simply be much higher.


Gold and silver have risen above some key technical levels over the last four weeks, the fundamentals are also much clearer no matter what Mr. Powell may wish to tell you.


Treat yourself, don´t procrastinate, buy early, and be part of the 2% Club


Much success to all.  



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