Knock, Knock.


Knock, Knock.


Dear Investors.


When a market offers you an opportunity, if you don´t recognize it or procrastinate, by the time you confirm your initial instinct the price will be much higher.


IMG informed of a certain pattern recently in silver, it has a strong above-average potential for silver investors.


The numbers should make sense even to a novice in precious metals.


IMG is available to explain further, the short version, this market is spring-loaded.


IMG in conversations with many of you hopefully clarified your understanding of the Fed´s word games, and how to benefit by acting now.


Much is factored into the system already, nevertheless, storm clouds are gathering. The only job that nobody wants or desires on this planet is obviously at a central bank, no matter what they do, hold on to your seat. Checkmate.


The truth be known, investors have had ample time and information to prepare, to make adjustments to their holdings both for protection and profit potential.


The absolute worse thing any investor could do at this time is nothing. If this sound familiar take the necessary steps, be proactive.


              In life, you either spectate or you participate 


Much success to all.  



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