Waiting for a Decision.


Waiting for a Decision.


Dear Investors.


The market is down as expected in front of the Fed decision.


Tomorrow afternoon the much-awaited information will be released, investors as usual take a wait-and-see posture.


Most do not expect any aggressive announcements, but a more moderate stance and further timeline regarding interest rates.


Inflation is now a real problem around the world, transitory, well, maybe not, the Fed must change its tune.


Many respected analysts are reporting estimates in years before inflation pressures will be under control.


The market remains on an up-trend, technicians are looking at various long term indicators that signal strong price action developing.


From the fundamentals, a change, or should we say an acknowledgment from the Fed that inflation is a real battle would trigger a very positive response from precious metals.


One thing is for sure, the big guns will be firing soon.


Much success to all.  



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