The Running of the Bulls.


The Running of the Bulls.


Dear Investors.


It seems that logic is out the window for most stock investors.


In the last couple of months caution amongst large investors was evident, but now after record highs, and with plenty of signs for prudent money management the all-in mentality is in full gear.


The herd is running wild, they´re mindset is that of a never-ending ride.


Truth be told, this is going to be amazing when all this capital runs for the exit doors.


This time around the volume of funds moving from equities to precious metals will be far greater, the only visual that compares is the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.


Oh, yes, this will be wild.


With the supply chain issues, wage inflation, rising energy, and food cost not to mention the monstrous bubbles in many markets, the question is not if, the answer is simply when.


Three major market players are telling us to expect much higher inflation Blackstone, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs.


Precious metals are in a sweet spot, investors looking for undervalued assets in a world of overvalued, unjustifiable pricing should be actively building their holdings now.


Do not hesitate to contact IMG, in the last two years this is perhaps the absolute most exciting time for gold and silver.


President Biden’s infrastructure bill passed last week for 1.2 Trillion dollars, the bills impact will rapidly be felt in the economy, basis the press release.


Do not delay, make decisions, information is only useful if you actually implement it.


Much success to all.  



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