Research. Ask Questions? Get In The game.


Research. Ask Questions? Get In The game.


Dear Investors.


This is a very different tune, inflation is real, not only real, but three times higher than the tap dance from the Fed.


IMG is one of the few firms that informed of the excellent buying opportunities from the never-ending ridiculous fed comments, way before what we know today.


All our recommendations are well documented. The blog is available on our website.


In our latest blogs, we make an effort again to explain this market and the enormous potential that it offers.


Put this next remark in your file cabinet, do you hear much about the infrastructure bill that just passed last week, maybe not, but how is this going to be paid for?


This is like a game to see how much further we can put ourselves into a corner.


The new year will bring surprise after surprise but for those who prepare it will potentially be very profitable.


IMG has plenty of information to share with investors, both fundamental and a host of long term technical chart patterns that might assist in your decision-making process.


Whatever you may be thinking, do yourself a favor, research, ask questions and get in the game.


Much success to all.  



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