Thanksgiving, Your Opportunity.


Thanksgiving, Your Opportunity.


Dear Investors.


U.S. Releases Oil Reserves.


The U.S. will release oil reserves in order to lower the price of gasoline.


If you are waiting for OPEC to assist at a time when the world wants to put them out of business, wake up and smell the coffee.


OPEC is going to make as much money as humanly possible in a world that continues on the path towards green energy.


U.S. dollar index hit a 15 month high with the Biden re-appointment of Powell to the absolute worst job on the planet.

Inflation is not transitory and gaining traction all over the world. Mr. Powell, unfortunately, you face an epic up hill battle.


Investors, this is one of the lightest weeks for trading volume of the year due to the Thanksgiving holiday.


Use this opportunity to buy the price break.


Powell can’t stop a run away train that has left the station.


Strong Buy: Silver at $23.50 per ounce.


Much success to all.  



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