Heading Due South.


Heading Due South.


Dear Investors.


With all related to new variants, markets get emotional waiting to confirm any possible impact on the economy.


This pattern repeats itself again, investors early today were actively buying recent price breaks.


It seems just like before the D-variant, initial nerves offer better entry points for long-term investors.


Report from Europe shows inflation at a 3-decade high as prices continue rising.


Global inflation is out of control, the reality is more than evident.


Inflation is here to stay for much longer than expected by the comic relief team at the fed.


Investors, some of you who are still on the sidelines should follow your instincts. The trillions of dollars printed, the global debt and inflation are more than enough motivation to take action.


Your purchasing power has fallen dramatically, and it´s not over, the path for most currencies around the world is south, due south.


Take appropriate action.


Much success to all.  



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