What You Should Expect.


What You Should Expect.


Dear Investors.


The race is on, inflation is at 39 year high, you talk about pressure, Powell where is your transitory inflation now?


The entire globe is worried about the everyday cost of living.


It’s across the board food, energy, even the price of a used vehicle is out of control.


Expectations of adjustments from the fed are legitimate, markets will normally see lower prices before formal announcements.


Investors should understand that rising interest rates are not necessarily negative for the price of gold.


The inflation train left the station months ago as IMG pointed out in our blogs.


However, the initial uncertainty surrounding the markets are normal, information must be digested by investors, emotions first, then trend direction develops.


It’s obvious that tomorrow the fed will make changes, most of it is already factored in.


The market In front of any major shift in strategy will remain nervous. As investors, we all have choices, food for thought, today’s price is tomorrow’s reward.


The long-term technical pattern which shows recent congestion in price is rather positive, it appears to be building energy for a price increase heading into the 1st quarter of 2022.


The price of silver is approximately 50 cents from the low of the year.

Bargain hunting is seen in today’s session.


Make decisions


Much success to all.  



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