Silver: At 7-Week High.


Silver: At 7-Week High.


Dear Investors.


Active buying silver today, prices are at a 7 week high with significant new capital entering the market.


Gold was higher earlier in the session and then pulled back later in the afternoon.


Inflation continues to grow and the impact on prices across the board are here to stay for a while longer than initially reported.


The stock market was down approximately 500 points raising further concerns about a possible major selloff early this year,  as of 3:50 EST.


China expressed concerns that if interest rates rise too quickly in the west, it could hurt global economies, Xi Jinping stated while addressing economic concerns.


These are the news headlines circulating that investors should be following closely.


There is also plenty of tension in the Middle East, and from North Korea where firing missiles appears to be some new kind of Olympic event.


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